Case studies

In this section, you will have a great opportunity to improve your knowledge about patellofemoral pain. We will be frequently updating this section with real patellofemoral pain case studies. Interactions and discussions about the cases will happen in a Facebook group. So, watch this space and don’t loose anything we are preparing for you.

Please, meet Katie.

Katie is a lecturer in sports management and has suffered with patellofemoral pain since primary school. She always enjoyed doing physical activities, but her knee pain is making these activities a burden.

See the video below to know Katie’s story.

We prepared some questions to guide you into this case study, answer the questions and upload a .doc or .pdf file in the Facebook group. We will discuss your and others options.

How would you manage Katie’s condition?


Guidance to case study 1

1 – In terms of assessment, what are the first 3 questions you would make to Katie after listening her story?

2 – Which physical tests would you ask Katie to perform (eg, strength of some muscle, specific clinical test, balance)?

3 – Would you provide education for Katie? If so, what resources would you use (eg, verbal explanation, leaflet, youtube video)? Please, provide a link to the resource or write up the explanation you would use, if possible.

4 – Please develop a detailed treatment program to Katie, this should contain duration of the treatment (weeks), types of intervention (exercise, taping, surgery), doses of intervention, progression of the treatment (weekly), home-based treatment, clinic, hospital or a mix?

5 – If Katie enquire you about her prognosis (when will my knee pain stop?). How would you answer her?


We are looking forward to discussing in the Facebook group how you would manage Katie’s condition.